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Did you ever notice how many advantages Assisted Reality brings to the business world?

2021-03-29 10:37


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Did you ever notice how many advantages Assisted Reality brings to the business world?

Assisted Reality does not modify the perception of the surrounding environment, but provides additional information in real time.




Did you ever try a pair of smartglasses?




As we work with it everyday and do constant research in this field, we can afford to simplify somewhat the definition of Assisted Reality, just to show you the advantages we see in the professional use our partners and customers make of it.


If Augmented Reality enables the generation of digital multimedia contents (and not only Pokemon, ed.) that can be overlapped with what is perceived visually, Assisted Reality does not modify the perception of the surrounding environment, but provides additional information in real time.


Through the use of any mobile device, it is possible to access the information and content that we can provide through Assisted Reality applications. The best-known and most fascinating devices that can be used in this sense are certainly smartglasses: innovative technological glasses that guarantee the not inconsiderable convenience of being able to operate hands-free, while benefiting from all the advantages that a technology like Augmented Reality can bring to workers.


With Augmented Reality we have the ability to provide workers in the field with up-to-date and contextualized information. At any time, whenever he/she needs it, the worker can access information, directions, operating instructions, tutorials or any data he/she needs, in a simple and intuitive way, with a gesture or a voice command. On the display of the smartglasses, documents, images, videos, digital checklists and information are available in real time, while working with both hands free, without any problems of encumbrance, discomfort or safety risks (and without the need for a notebook, tablet or smartphone).

No more professional skill-gap. If you need support or assistance from better-trained professionals, colleagues that are more experienced or technicians, thanks to the cameras and microphones on board the smartglasses, it is as if a specialist were constantly at your side. Even better than that: thanks to the integrated real time collaboration functions, the expert - in addition to connecting remotely and seeing what your eyes see - can interact with streaming video, take photos, edit them, and generally provide information and contextual data.

This obviously also reduces the costs and types of intervention. Remote collaboration between operators and specialists, without the need for them to physically travel to the place where the work is to be carried out, saves travel costs and significantly reduces intervention times, increasing the effectiveness of maintenance and service programs.

Last but not least, there is the not inconsiderable aspect of safety. The use of PPE-certified smartglasses on fieldwork provides additional protection. Hands-free operation and the use of voice commands make work easier, leaving the worker focused on the task. Slim, adjustable micro-displays provide comprehensive visual information without obstructing the user's field of vision or limiting their overall vision. In dangerous working environments, Assisted Reality helps minimizing the risk of accidents. 

It is no coincidence that Assisted Reality solutions are fast becoming one of the main technological innovations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce. The ease of adoption and the benefits it brings are literally there for all to see.


Did you ever try a pair of smartglasses?


The project "Augmentya Virtual Assistant Studio (AVAS): software module for the creation of advanced conversational agents for the Augmentya platform" is made possible thanks to European funds from the Emilia Romagna region.

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