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Coudvision S.r.l.
​Via Emilio Salgari 17

41123 Modena (MO) Italy

Ph. +39 059 821672 | Fax: +39 059 821492


Partita IVA: IT03942600366



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Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a world leader in the cloud applications and platforms offering, outstanding for innovation, power, scalability and security. GCP is an open platform that allows to easily create integrated solutions and customized applications.

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Cloudtec is a young Innovative Startup, distributed between the sea and the plains, made up of people who believe in a future with «la their heads in the clouds ». It deals with the migration of processes and applications on the Google cloud. It develops applications of collaboration in the cloud, of artificial intelligence applied to interaction with people, to the collection and intelligent management of data.

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Iristick creates industrial smart safety glasses to support enterprises in their digital transformation. Iristick empowers the frontline workers of Industry 4.0 in three domains: remote assistance, digital work instructions and pick-by-vision logistics. Iristick smart eyewear is currently being used and tested by customers in maintenance, after-sales support, logistics, shop floor activities, quality control, telemedicine and education. The Iristick product portfolio includes the Iristick.G1, Iristick.G1 PRO and the head-mounted device Iristick.H1. Iristick, based in Antwerp (Belgium), supports customers globally. Winner of a Red Dot Award, H2020 European Commission Innovation Grant (N°811820) and holder of multiple patents. 

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Google Glass

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is a small, lightweight wearable computer with a transparent display for hands-free work. It allows the user to stay focused on his task, while working hands free, improve accuracy and collaborate in real time with distant experts.

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